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It’s a secret!

The ultimate 5 course dinner and entertainment event is back with a green thumb September 28th! Welcome to the Emerald City! As we approach the upcoming fall season, the menu reflects a rustic atmosphere, down home hospitality and a yellow brick road...

Course #1

Green chili verde with smoked carnitas:

A complete starter course that could easily take over as the main dish! With slow cooked spices and carnitas, this chili is one to savor!

Course #2

Ruby red quinoa salad:

This mixed salad will please your senses and take you away to the land of OZ!

Course #3

Slow smoked & stuffed Cornish Hen Covered in a blonde apricot sauce, Twice baked ‘n whipped sweet potatoes Served with a maple cinnamon glaze!

Course #4

Pomegranate Balsamic glazed Vegetable skewers:

A medley of fresh vegetables are paired with a pomegranate balsamic vinaigrette in these bright and tangy skewers.

Course #5

Caramel rum & pecan cornbread pudding: The sauce alone will send you into bliss!

The Drink of the night:

“The WIZ” Another PURE green concoction that will make you ease on down the road!

With Live music and entertainment all night long!

Cost $75